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More Money, Without The Hassle

Rather than accept a low-ball offer from the dealer or go through the hassle of trying to sell your used car yourself, we give you another option. Save your time and we'll handle the listing, calls, text, emails and even schedule the test-drives. No need for you to ever interact with a stranger! 

How To Sell

Decide you want to save some money

It's no secret the dealer won't give you the best deal and we all know Joe down the street just wants to haggle. 

Photo & Video package

We take high-Quality photos and video of your car for you. 

Receive a value report 

We give you a free real-time market pricing for your vehicle.

Virtual appointment

Within 24 hrs an agent will schedule a convenient time to call you and discuss details about your vehicle.

We handle all inquiries

We handle all calls, texts, and emails. Sit back and relax.


We help guide both the seller and buyer through the documentation process. Making it effortless for both parties.

Tell us about your car

Fill out our simplified online vehicle form.

We provide a free 50-point car inspection

An agent will be assigned to you and contact you within 2 business days to schedule an appointment.

Sign listing agreement with Vehkle

We create the listings

Within 1-2 days after inspection and photos, we will construct your ads and begin listing your car.

We schedule & conduct the test drives

We schedule & coordinate all the test drives. The best part is you get to hold onto your car the entire time, thanks to our self-guided test drive process. 


Smile and do something fun with all that extra cash!


vehkle advantage

Car Dealership

Significantly lower offer

Skip the hassle we sell it for you


Transparent fees & pricing

We create the listing

Provide Buyer Confidence

An Experienced representative handles everything for you

Best value

Professional photos & video

Sell it Yourself

Calculate proper selling price

List the car

Take pictures

Handle phone calls, texts, emails

Schedule test drives with strangers

Figure out and complete all the paperwork

Deal with unqualified buyers

Vehkle Seller FAQs