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Before we get started to make this faster, go take a picture of your VIN number (found in the driver's door jamb) & a picture of your mileage.  

Vehkle Seller FAQs

How do I get a free vehkle estimate on my car?

Click here and fill out the form. Once complete, you will receive an invitation for a virtual appointment scheduled at your convenience. An agent will then coordinate with you to provide our complimentary 42 point on-site vehicle inspection and give you a value report.

Do I need to keep my car insurance while selling my car through vehkle?

Yes. Vehkle only temporarily takes possession of your car for the purpose of a test drive with a qualified buyer on your behalf and then returns the car to you immediately after. The state requires you (the title holder) to maintain insurance on your vehicle, until your vehicle is transferred to the new buyer.

Do you accept cars with liens from the bank?

Yes. When the car is sold, the lien-holder will be paid and the remaining balance will be paid to the seller.

How do I know my car is selling for a fair price?

Vehkle monitors multiple regional data points on past and current automotive prices to create predictive pricing models for suggested listing prices that allow sellers to optimize their selling price.

How do you come up with the estimate?

  • Vehkle’s pricing models utilize multiple data points to calculate the fair market value of your car. Your estimate is based on a thorough analysis of all available vehicle data, taking into account historical trends, present economic conditions, market demand, industry events as well as seasonality and regional data.
  • Also taken into consideration is the overall vehicle condition such as mileage, features and packages, and general condition of the car.
  • Your value report is finalized after vehkle completes the onsite complimentary 42-point inspection.

Do I have to pay for repair costs?

During the initial inspection we may recommend optional repairs that can help you sell your car faster and for a better value. You have the option to have these repairs done at your expense at a facility you prefer or we can provide you access to our list of service providers that provide discounts to vehkle buyers and sellers.

Why would my car not qualify for vehkles platform?

We do not accept all cars into our inventory. We have a certain set of criteria that vehicles must meet to be listed with vehkle (ie., age, mileage, model, condition). Fill out this form to see if you qualify.

Why sell through vehkle?

1. It’s free 2. No Hassle. We do the work. We handle the listing, pictures, take the calls, texts, and emails. 3. We schedule and conduct the test drives for you. 4. Vehkle monitors multiple regional data points on past and current automotive prices to create predictive pricing models for suggested listing prices that allow sellers to optimize their selling price. 5. Professional photos and video. Presenting your car in the best possible way while being completely transparent, which helps attract more qualified buyers. 6. Vehkle brings you qualified buyers to test drive your car. 7. If you require financing, we can refer you to a local financial institution. 8. We help you with the paperwork 9. We elevate trust between the seller and the buyer 10. We simplify the selling experience saving you time and money!

Is vehkle buying my car from me?

No. Vehkle’s objective is to simplify the buying and selling process between two parties, seller and buyer. Our goal is to help you sell your car faster and for more money.

Where is my title kept while vehkle is selling my car?

The title is kept safely in the owner’s possession at all times until the vehicle is sold at that point it will then be transferred to the new owner.

What if my car is titled out of state?

That's okay! We can work with titles from all states.

I can't find my title. Can you still sell my car?

Yes, we can request a duplicate title (Their may be a Utah DMV charge) on your behalf from the DMV.

Where do you store my car?

The benefit of vehkle services is that your car stays safely with you with the exception of scheduled test drives this way you can still get around.

Where do you show my vehicle?

The vehicle can be shown at a variety of locations within the North Salt Lake to Provo corridor. You can create time slots to show it while its parked in your office parking lot, outside your home, in your neighborhood, at a Police Station, or any parking lot you feel comfortable with.

Can someone take a test drive in my vehicle?

Yes. In order for someone to take a test drive, they must provide a copy of full-coverage insurance, a valid driver’s license, and sign an Assumption of Liability form agreeing to take full responsibility for any damage they may cause when test driving your vehicle.

Can you sell my leased vehicle?


What happens if I owe more for the car than it is worth?

Your loan balance must be equal to or less than the agreed upon selling price. In essence, you will need to pay your loan down to that of the selling price. Once your car sells, we will pay off your loan and wire you the remaining balance.

My vehicle still has a loan, can I still sell it?

Yes. vehkle will work with you and your financial institution to arrange for paying off your loan with the buyer’s funds and will handle all transactions at the bank that has your loan.

if I have an outstanding loan, do I need to make any loan payments?

Yes. You will need to continue making your loan payments until the vehicle sells. We'll pay of the remainder of your loan once your vehicle sells, you'll keep the extra.

What is a payoff statement and how do I access it?

A payoff statement shows the remaining outstanding balance on your auto loan at your financial institution. Most banks when requested, will provide a payoff statement via email or fax that is good for a stipulated amount of days. We can assist you with contacting and requesting your payoff amount.

What is negative equity or being upside down?

In simple words, if you tried to sell your vehicle, you wouldn’t be able to get what you already owe on it. For example, say you owe $12,000 on your auto loan and your vehicle is now worth $10,000. That means you have negative equity of $2,000. That negative equity will need to be paid off if you want to trade-in your vehicle and take out an auto loan to purchase a new vehicle.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash, money wire-transfer, or cashier’s check. All payments will be verified by a licensed credit institution prior to accepting any funds for your vehicle.

When do I get paid?

  • Without a lien
On a vehicle that does not have a lien, the owner will receive proceeds via electronic check within 3-5 days days of clearing Vehkle’s account.
  • With a lien
On a vehicle that has a lien, vehkle will furnish you a check after the transaction is completed, all loans are paid, and lien releases are provided to the buyer.

How much is your fee?

Since we don’t have the traditional overhead of a dealership our vehkle seller fee is only $500. Yep, that's it! It includes the following:

  • No Hassle Service Fee (management of phone calls, texts, emails, and test drives)
  • 100-Point Inspection
  • Professional Photos/Videos
  • Online Listing
  • Paperwork: (Bill of sale, odometer statement, Title transfer, lien release)

The fee is built into the pricing model.

*If the car is dirty at time of sale, vehkle will take the car to the car wash to wash and vacuum the car before delivery to the new buyer and subtract the cost from the sales proceeds along with vehkle service fee payout.

How long do you need in order to sell my vehicle?

We ask for a 45 day period to exclusively sell your car. Every vehicle is different. How fast your car sells is based on multiple factors, market supply and demand is one of them. Our objective is to position your car in the market with great pictures, video, a well written description, an inspection and a professional agent to help close the sale. Our goal is to sell your vehicle quickly.

What if my vehicle takes longer than 45 days to sell?

In the unlikely situation that your vehicle does not sell in 45 days or less, you have two options:

  • You have the option to renew your selling contract and have vehkle continue to sell your car.
  • You can try to sell it on your own and owe us nothing.

I live outside the Salt Lake City area can you still sell my vehicle?

We will be expanding to other locations in the near future. Currently, we offer our services to those within the North Salt Lake to Provo area corridor.

What happens if any damage is incurred during a test drive or a test driver gets in an accident?

Auto accidents during test drives are highly uncommon but in most states, if you are in an accident while test-driving a private seller’s car, the seller’s insurance in many cases is primary. However, if after the insurance investigation, you are found at fault, the seller’s insurance company will more than likely pursue your insurance carrier to recover damages. For your personal financial protection, and in some states the law, you should have fully comprehensive insurance that will cover all parties in the unlikely event you are in an accident during a test drive One of the simplest ways to do this is to call your auto insurance company or one of the many leading insurance companies and request temporary or short term auto insurance to cover you during the test drive. In most cases these policies have the flexibility to customize to your time needs and if needed, in some cases, later converted into a full policy. If not, you can have the coverage for a single day or a month depending on your needs. Contact your auto insurance company or one of many available on the market like that provides temporary car and van insurance. At you can purchase auto insurance by the hour, day, or weeks. It is an entirely easy online process. Because Vehkle is not an automotive dealer and does not own or take possession of the seller’s car, Vehkle is not liable for damages a seller could incur while a potential buyer is test-driving their car being marketed by Vehkle. Therefore, Vehkle would not be liable for any damages in the unlikely event the seller’s car is damaged or had caused damage to someone else's property while being test-driven. Vehkle is a marketplace that sellers choose to use to market, and safely and transparently transact car sales between sellers and buyers. Whether you are test driving a car at an auto dealership or private party, it’s important that you are properly insured before going on a test drive. In the unlikely event, you are involved in an accident while test driving, telling the police officer you’re out test-driving won’t be a significant enough excuse for being uninsured.