Preparing for a

remote test drive

Follow the instructions and recommendations below

Create a successful test drive experience. 

Make sure the car is clean, remove any trash, vacuum and wash if necessary. First dates are all about a good first impression

Remove all personal items of worth from the car

Lock the doors

Remove all personal keys/keychains from the car key

Place the key box on the back driver's side window. Place the key inside the box and verify that it is locked

When the car is returned please walk around the perimeter of the car and document the condition of the car

Remove the key box from the window and change the entry code on the box (see instructions below)

Send Vehkle an email with the new code you've selected

How to:

Open, Close, and Change the key box 

Opening Closing Key box Book cover.png

Opening & Closing the box

Changing the code

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