A message from our Co-Founders on Vehkle's COVID-19 Response

Protecting the health and safety of our buyers, sellers, and employees at Vehkle is our number one priority.

Buying or selling a car by nature can already be a stressful experience. Part of our mission at Vehkle is to deliver private car sellers and buyers an enjoyable, cost-effective, transparent, and safe place to transact. Safety within the used car marketplace has always been a key element to our business and we want to take the time to let you know what we are doing to keep you and our employees safe during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Before the outbreak began our innovative process already made the car buying and selling process contactless and smooth but we are now taking additional initiatives.

Buying a Car: How we are keeping you safe

Shop Online: At Vehkle there is no physical location for you to walk into and risk contracting anything. Our innovative platform allows you to shop online in the safety and comfort of your home. Click on this link to start searching for your next car https://www.vehklecars.com/view-inventory

No Salesmen: At Vehkle you won’t find any pushy salesmen around to breathe down your back trying to pressure you into a car because well….we literally don’t have any salesmen.

We believe that if consumers have all the information they need and we are already being 100% transparent there is no need to “sell” anyone on anything. Before deciding to take a test drive you can see detailed pictures, see a video of the car that highlights any imperfections, free auto check reports, and a free 100 Point inspection.

Virtual Walkthrough: With a 100% transparency we’ve got nothing to hide and we believe not even one little detail should be omitted during the car buying process. Take a full pre-recorded 360-degree tour of the car you are interested in. In these videos, our auto agents will point out any imperfections and also highlight some benefits of the car so you can make an informed decision that allows you to stay in control.

Test Drive: Our key mission at Vehkle has always hinged on disrupting the current used car selling market and putting private party sellers and buyers in control. This mission drove our innovation of creating the Remote Test Drive. At Vehkle regardless of a pandemic or not, we offer our Remote Test Drive, which allows buyers to go on a drive all by themselves without someone trying to sell them. No need to worry about social distancing when it's just you and the car. For your health safety and that of our sellers you will need to wear some type of face covering when test driving. Check out the process here https://www.vehkle.com/testdrive

Purchase: When you are ready to buy there is no interaction with the seller, we will handle all the paperwork with you. In order to protect you and our team members, we require all our team members to wear disposable gloves and a face covering.

Selling a Car: How we are keeping you safe

Tell us about your car: There is no need to bring your car to a physical location to be inspected just tell us about your car and we will send you your own personal auto agent to give you a value. Fill out the form here https://www.vehkle.com/sellyourcar

Inspection: Your personal auto agent will schedule a time with you to conduct a free 100 point inspection, take HD photos, HD video, and provide you with an estimate. For your convenience, this can all be done without you actually being present. Our auto agents are required to wear disposable gloves and a face covering while inspecting your car. Upon completion of the inspection, your auto agent will wipe down any touched surfaces with a disinfectant.

Test Drive: The beautiful thing about listing with Vehkle is we do all the work for you leaving you with none of the hassles. When a buyer is ready to test drive your car all you have to do is place the keys in the secured lockbox. All test drivers will be required to wear a face-covering when in your car. Upon completion of the test drive before you re-enter the car please use a disinfectant of your choice to wipe down high traffic touch spots (steering wheel, belt buckle, shifter, radio panel, console, door handle, key fob, rearview mirror). Check out the process here https://www.vehkle.com/testdrive

Sold!: Once your car has been sold we will handle all the paperwork, at Vehkle the buyer and seller never have to interact. Since the title and car remain in your possession at all times during the process your personal auto agent will collect the car and title from you. For the protection of you and our team members, all auto agents are required to wear disposable gloves and a face covering.

When it comes to car buying and selling Vehkle has finally made it a fair, fast, and easy process for both parties. We hope that these additional measures alleviate some of the stress in these trying times. Lastly, we would like to thank all the team members that make up Vehkle and who tirelessly day in and day out are helping to completely change the used car industry for the better.

Darryl, Tré, Kaden Barnes