Getting ready for a

remote test drive

Follow the instructions and recommendations below

Have a successful test drive experience. 

aqua car.png

Keep the vehicle within a 5-mile radius of the initial pickup location

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Test Drive and Walk-Around should total no more than 30 minutes

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Obey all local and state laws

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Only those registered with Vehkle may operate the vehicle

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Do not tamper with any GPS/Tracking devices

Pre-test drive instructions:

1. Once you arrive at the location of the car, to protect yourself from alleged       damage or blame, you’ll need to document the condition of the vehicle with photos using a mobile phone BEFORE you receive the code to access the key box. 


Take a photo of each side of the car’s exterior as well as any scratches, dents, or damage. Text those exterior photos to Vehkle 636-544-7584.

White sports car.png
White sports car.png
White sports car.png
White sports car (1).png



Passenger side

Driver side


Any Damage

2. Once the photos are received your Vehkle auto agent will text you the key box entry code. Instructions and videos for opening and closing the key box can be found at the bottom of the page.

3. Start the car and take a picture of the mileage and fuel level. Text that image to 636-544-7584.

instrument gauges.png

Mileage and Fuel Gauges

4. Get to know your new car and have a pressure-free test drive

Post-test drive instructions:

1. Park the car in the same exact spot you picked it up from or the nearest available legal parking space and send a message saying [DONE] and a picture of where the car is parked to 636-544-7584 for further directions.

2. Take a photo of each side of the car’s exterior and with the ignition on taking a photo of mileage and fuel gauge. Text those exterior photos to Vehkle 636-544-7584.

3. Lock the doors and place the keys in the lockbox. Look below for instructions on opening/closing the key box.

4. Your Vehkle auto agent will call you immediately after the test drive to ensure all went well on your test drive and answer any questions you might have.

How to:

Open & Close the key box 

Opening Closing Key box Book cover.png

Opening & Closing the box