A better way to buy

Less money, no worry

Vehkle provides buyers a simpler and more transparent buying process than buying from a dealer or a stranger online. Not to mention we save you the cost of all the dealer fees.


How to buy

View complete car listing on vehkle.com. 

Step 1

Schedule your no pressure

self-guided remote test-drive within vehkle's platform. 

Step 3

Vehkle arranges for lien payoff or title transfer to the new owner.

Step 5

Document assist. Vehkle assists with the completion of all state-required documents.

Step 7

Step 2

Step 4

Step 6

Step 6

Step 8

Get pre-qualified. Obtain your pre-approved financing from your financial institution prior to the test drive. 

The buyer signs Bill of Sale and arranges for sale processing with a $200 earnest money deposit.

Bill of sale is presented to both buyer and seller to sign and earnest money deposit of $200 is provided by the buyer to Vehkle.

Buyer at the time of purchase writes one check to Vehkle, which is the selling price minus the lien pay off amount and takes delivery.

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