A better way to buy

Less money, no worry

Vehkle provides buyers a simpler and more transparent buying process than buying from a dealer or a stranger online. Not to mention we save you the cost of all the dealer fees.


How to buy

View complete car listing on vehkle.com. 

Step 1

Schedule your no pressure

self-guided remote test-drive within vehkle's platform. 

Step 3

Vehkle arranges for lien payoff or title transfer to the new owner.

Step 5

Document assist. Vehkle assists with the completion of all state-required documents.

Step 7

Step 2

Step 4

Step 6

Step 6

Step 8

Get pre-qualified. Obtain your pre-approved financing from your financial institution prior to the test drive. 

The buyer signs Bill of Sale and arranges for sale processing with a $200 earnest money deposit.

Bill of sale is presented to both buyer and seller to sign and earnest money deposit of $200 is provided by the buyer to Vehkle.

Buyer at the time of purchase writes one check to Vehkle, which is the selling price minus the lien pay off amount and takes delivery.

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Vehkle Buyer FAQs

What is the Vehkle Remote Test Drive?

The test drive is the opportunity to drive the car before you buy the car. Our remote test drive system allows you to drive a car on your own without any pressure. Currently, we only offer our service to residents within the North Salt Lake to Provo area. Steps: 1. Call or visit your local credit union or bank to get pre-approved for your car purchase. This will streamline the process! 2. Find a car on our website you're interested in 3. Request a test drive 4. You’ll receive a confirmation email with details 5. You'll receive the location of the vehicle and a code to gain access to the keys for your scheduled time slot 6. Jump in the driver seat and go on a 5 mile drive to get a feel for your future car 7. If you have any questions with the press of a button you can reach out to a vehkle representative.

When You’re Ready to Purchase: 1. Place a deposit on the vehicle 2. We’ll schedule a time and location to finalize documentation (p.s. we can do the paperwork for you), payment, and delivery.

What do I need to test drive with Vehkle?

  • Proof Valid driver license
  • Proof of Valid full-coverage auto insurance
  • Complete the Assumption of Liability Agreement
  • The funds available to purchase the selected vehicle

What can I expect when I book a test drive online?

When you schedule your first test drive appointment online, you are given a short questionnaire you are required to complete in order to confirm your test drive appointment. This survey is used to better prepare you for your self guided test drive.

How do I schedule a test drive appointment?

To schedule your test drive, please visit www.vehkle.com and select the car of your choice. While you're on the vehicle page be sure to view the vehicle's Autocheck vehicle history report, 50+ point inspection report.

When you’re ready to move forward, request a test drive. Once we’ve received your request, we’ll reach out to you and get everything set up!

Will I have pressure to purchase this vehicle because I test drove it?

No. We believe pressure is for balls and tires. The decision to purchase is yours. vehkle’s objective is to make the process simple and transparent.

Can I put a deposit on a car I've test driven?

Yes, a non-refundable, non-transferable payment of $250 can be applied to the purchase of your vehicle while you arrange your financing.

Why are your prices so low?

Our commitment to streamlining our process and maintaining a low overhead, allows us to remove a lot of operational expenses that are normally passed onto the seller.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash, money wire-transfer, or cashier’s check. All payments will be verified by a licensed credit institution prior to vehkle accepting any funds for a vehicle. We will be more than happy to connect you to any of our credit institutions to establish a loan.

What taxes and fees are associated with buying a car from Vehkle?

There is no cost to take a car on a test drive. Buyers are not charged for anything. However, vehkle handles your paperwork, providing you a hassle-free experience.

What "extra" fees in addition to your Vehkle price will I pay?

Hassle-free means Hassle-free, to answer that question, NONE. Seriously, there are zero extra hidden fees, processing fees, documentation fees, administration, or vehicle prep fees. Every buyer has the option to process their own paperwork.

What about taxes on the vehicle?

Taxes are not included in any vehkle pricing, and, in the state of Utah, taxes are to be paid by the buyer within 30 days to the Department of Revenue. If you are looking for a hassle-free way to pay taxes, vehkle offers the option to handle your sales tax paperwork and all other paperwork for a fee of $100, providing you a hassle-free experience.

Are your prices negotiable?

Vehkle monitors multiple regional data points on past and current automotive prices to create predictive pricing models. These models allow vehkle to price each vehkle appropriately and deliver the buyer a great value and a comfortable no haggle buying environment. Our commitment to streamlining our process and maintaining a low overhead, allows us to remove a lot of operational expenses that are normally passed onto the seller.

Why should I buy from Vehkle vs. a private owner?

1. It’s free 2. Free curbside delivery test drive 3. Below market pricing 4. Vehkle gives you more information about a used car than a private seller would disclose. We are built around transparency. 5. Professional photos and video. You know more about the car before you schedule the test drive, saving you time and money from going to look at cars, only to be disappointed it wasn’t what was disclosed in the ad. 6. We help you with the paperwork 7. We elevate trust between the buyer and the seller 8. A great buying experience!

Do you provide a vehicle history report on vehkle vehicles?

Vehkle provides a vehicle history report on every car listed on its website. All though these reports are great to have and are considered the first line of defense for savvy buyers, they are not perfect. vehkle does its best to take into consideration the actual vehicle history report and what it actually sees during its initial inspection to evaluate the condition of the vehicle and present that information to the buyer on our website.

Do you inspect the vehicles Vehkle sells?

Vehkle provides a free, complimentary 42-Point inspection process on every car we list and post it on our website in the car details section. The seller has the option to purchase a full 109-Point ASE-certified inspection from one of our listed service providers. The 109-Point certification, if purchased by the seller will be labelled and listed on the vehkle website under car details. The 109-Point certification is a good way to stand out from the crowd.

Can I have my own mechanic inspect the vehicle I plan on purchasing?

Absolutely! vehkle conducts a free 50-inspection on every car and some cars for sale on vehkle come with a 109-Point inspection from an ASE-certified mechanic. Cars that fail to pass our inspection are not listed. We’ve built vehkle’s success upon transparency. If you need added confidence, you can take the vehicle to your own mechanic to review the vehicle or use a mobile or bricks & mortar service located on our service provider list.

Can you provide an extended vehicle service contract on the vehicle I purchase?

No. At this time, vehkle does not offer vehicle service contracts. It is a valuable service we will be providing for our customers in the near future.

What if I don't like the car after I buy it?

Using vehkle to purchase your car is like buying a car from a private seller, it is an AS IS sale, meaning all sales are final. The actual transaction is between you the buyer and the seller, vehkle simply assists in the transaction, thus elevating trust between two people that don’t know one another.The benefit of using using the vehkle platform rather than going directly to the seller, is vehkle provides the buyer more transparency into the condition of the vehicle (vehicle history reports, detailed images, detailed video,etc.) than would be normally available from a private seller on a used car.

What happens if any damage is incurred during the test drive or I get in an accident?

Auto accidents during test drives are highly uncommon but in most states, if you are in an accident while test-driving a private seller’s car, the seller’s insurance in many cases is primary. However, if after the insurance investigation, you are found at fault, the seller’s insurance company will more than likely pursue your insurance carrier to recover damages. For your personal financial protection, and in some states the law, you should have fully comprehensive insurance that will cover all parties in the unlikely event you are in an accident during a test drive One of the simplest ways to do this is to call your auto insurance company or one of the many leading insurance companies and request temporary or short term auto insurance to cover you during the test drive. In most cases these policies have the flexibility to customize to your time needs and if needed, in some cases, later converted into a full policy. If not, you can have the coverage for a single day or a month depending on your needs. Contact your auto insurance company or one of many available on the market like Tempcover.com that provides temporary car and van insurance. At Tempcover.com you can purchase auto insurance by the hour, day, or weeks. It is an entirely easy online process. Because Vehkle is not an automotive dealer and does not own or take possession of the seller’s car, Vehkle is not liable for damages a seller could incur while a potential buyer is test-driving their car being marketed by Vehkle. Therefore, Vehkle would not be liable for any damages in the unlikely event the seller’s car is damaged or had caused damage to someone else's property while being test-driven. Vehkle is a marketplace that sellers choose to use to market, and safely and transparently transact car sales between sellers and buyers. Whether you are test driving a car at an auto dealership or private party, it’s important that you are properly insured before going on a test drive. In the unlikely event, you are involved in an accident while test driving, telling the police officer you’re out test-driving won’t be a significant enough excuse for being uninsured.